Return Of The Patriarch

There is a statement we grew up hearing and we still hear today: behind every successful man, there is a great woman. How we rejoice when we hear that! For such a popular statement I’ve often wondered why the opposite is not commonly said. I would say the reverse is also very true. Without a great man, there will be no great woman. 

Before you start throwing your shoes at me with feminism or sexism or any other ‘ism’ there is, understand that I’m not just talking about spouses here I’m also talking about fathers, brothers, mentors or male figures who have taken the role to raise, support and be there for God’s daughters. Look at the family set up. No matter how brilliant a mother is, trust me, a home would not be complete without a good father. Thank God for good husbands and good fathers!
The unfortunate part comes in here. The world we live in is trying to remove the importance of patriarchs and I know women have the power to change this hence this article. Look at the one day of the year when the mainstream media and much of the public pretend to actually value fatherhood, Fathers’ Day. 

For exactly 364 days, the role of fathers in the family is downplayed, discounted, taken for granted or seen as optional. Attacked by the media that all too often, and wildly out of proportion to reality, portrays them as awkward, villainous or incompetent. Even Pepper the famous little pig portrays her daddy as silly. All this is seemingly harmless but the effects on the family unit God intended are detrimental.
I’d like to show you what God has to say about this. Let’s take a look at the following scriptures:
Proverbs 1:8: “Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and forsake not your mother’s teaching.”
Proverbs 23:22: “Listen to your father, who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old.”
Just taking a quick glance at these scriptures shows you immediately how God values the parental structure of Father and Mother together. Not one without the other.
One of the most urgent social challenges in the world right now is the re-creation and re-instatement of fatherhood as a vital social role especially for our young males. It’s no secret that the statistics about children, whatever their ethnic background, raised in fatherless families are not good.
So where do you come in in all of this?
Well for starters, become a voice for biblical values. Don’t be one of those women who swims with the tide. Stand for Christ and for what you know is right, not what popular influencers say, who don’t have the foggiest idea about real Christian values. Secondly, Women who  have children with men who express no interest in a long-term commitment to them or don’t display qualities that would make them good fathers are also in error. 

If you’re looking to get married, be spirit led, pray about a good life partner and choose wisely. I know this is a task on its own and a topic worthy of its own article but for now I’ll say this, do your research, ask tough questions and have uncomfortable conversations – a lot of red flags usually come up when you do this.

Thirdly, let’s encourage our men to be mentored by other men. Whether it’s your husband, your father, your son or your brother, encourage that accountability. It goes a long way in making a lot of wrongs right. The devil is after the family unit because he knows the power contained in that unity. Don’t give him the satisfaction.
Does every child need a father? The answer from modern society appears to be “not necessarily” or “not really” or “maybe” or a flat “no”. For as long as we have these kind of answers, our children, facing a competitive future coupled with perilous times will be in trouble. So I’ll ask the question again; Does every child need a father? The answer is emphatically “YES”, which bizarrely has become a radical thing to say in many circles today.
You cannot change what you refuse to confront. You and I can change this. It starts right here. We are Christian women who stand for Biblical values and morals. We stand for the rights of Christianity and the Christian home.
I’ll close with this.
Malachi 4:6 says;
He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.
Let’s work with God and ensure that this happens in the 21st century.

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